About Us

June 4, 2016

A Picture of Me!

In 1992, I earned an MBA from Vanderbilt. And accounting ate me alive.

I thought to myself, “Self, is this really what you want to do with your life?”

Clearly, the answer was no. I founded a small company called Write This Way. This was my entre into the video business. I wrote training scripts for businesses. Nothing to fancy to begin with, but I had the bug.

To make ends meet, I took a job as a technical writer while I was writing my first novel, Love Ruins Everything.

Fast-forwarding 25 years, I’ve written three novels, 12 screenplays, and award winning short stories. Then, there are the children’s books. Six in total, but the one I’m most proud of helps children come to grips with Epilepsy.

I’ve embarked on a successful editing career. In 2015, I was selected as the second best editor in the Atlanta area. You can click the image below to read some of my reviews.

In short, I love to write and help others with their writing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my authors published.