Screenwriting Pricing

June 13, 2016

A feature length screenplay is typically 90-120 pages (a page ~ one minute). Depending on how much detail you have beforehand, the price varies from $5000-$8000. For example, if you want me to write a rom com about a couple, you’ll have to pay more. But if you have well-developed characters, a general plot and setting, then there’s less I have to do; hence, you pay less.

For TV, the pricing is similar. However, an hour long show is 60 pages and a 30 minute show clocks in around 45 (for some reason – actually, it’s formatting). The same rules as above apply. 60 minutes can range between $3000-$5000; 30 minutes from $2000-$4000.

Can I adapt your book into a screenplay? Absolutely! I’ve done this before, and the more communication I have with the author, the better.

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